Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garage sales

Had fun this morning hitting a few garage sales in McCook. There were LOTS to go to but I picked out about six. They started at 8 AM which was fine by me as I was up at 4:45 AM. Slept in late this morning for some reason! Found a new pair of jeans for 50 cents. I'm a big spender when it comes to clothes. Best find was a garage sale where she either had a preschool or day care. Oodles of great things for kids as well as books. I picked up some wonderful kids puzzles for 10 cents, some packages of new modeling clay for $.25, a big bag of farm animal kids' rubber stamps, a big bag of beads (etc) for the girls to make necklaces. Starting to gather up a few things for projects when the granddaughters come and stay. We have to do a few "girly" things! I'll have a nice list of stuff for them to work on. Spent time this afternoon with my friend Mary. She is the MOST talented person I know. She teaches art at a Christian school here in McCook so I also glean her for ideas! My throat is sore we spent so much time talking!
Fixed dad some supper and now we are just hanging out. He says he just doesn't feel good so hope by the beginning of the week there is some improvement.
Peace and joy.

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