Saturday, July 3, 2010


Society for Barefoot Living: "Set your feet free and your mind will follow. We enjoy walking barefoot as nature intended, taking delight in feeling the many textures the world has to offer."
Isn't it interesting how our western civilization today views people that are barefoot. Even I looked in wonder at all the Amish children, teenagers and young married women who are always barefoot. I have been going barefoot all spring and now into summer and I can truly say I think it is health beneficial. Yes, there are negatives but the positives far outweigh them in my opinion. Going barefoot really puts you in a different mindset, more relaxed. There is no record of foot troubles in Biblical times compared to our modern day foot ills. I have been reading (lots of time to do that at my folk's) about a big surge in runners who are now foregoing the expensive running shoes, orthotics, etc. and are running barefoot. Taking the time to feel the ground, build your feet and develop the stride is all that is required! When I get home I am going to "hit the road" barefoot. Some ancient philosophies will tell you that the life-force energy called Chi can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. It's said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your capacity to do more work, think more clearly and have more vitality. Now there's a reason to go barefoot if I ever heard one!


marcy said...

I love going barefoot. I have a pair of shoes at every door and the only time they go on is when I get in the car or have to run out to the shop. Twice a week my good husband gives me a foot massage and puts oil on my feet so they stay soft.

Melinda said...

I love everything about going barefoot - except chicken poo between the toes! :)