Sunday, July 24, 2011

How hot is it?

Hannah, age 5: "Grandma, It's as hot out as it was ironing grandpa's shirts! Whew, that's hot"!

Gavin, age 6 3/4: "Grandma, it's so hot we could BBQ."

Still not so hot that we can't find things to do. Spent Thursday at the Winterset fair and took in the horse shows, saw the pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, pigeons, rabbits and viewed all the open class projects to get ideas for next year! Friday we had a couple "Amish runs" which the kids just love doing. They visit and visit. When I dropped our neighbor's off back at their house one of their boys took Gavin along to feed the little chickens, pigs and goat. Back home and we made colored bath salts. Grandma doesn't have a bath tub but it is sure fun to soak your feet in an old enamel white/red pan with the salts you just made. The kids were sure they had the softest feet ever! Yesterday we picked up around the house, swept floors and hung clothes out. Grandpa and Gavin went to the barn to the shop and Gavin made his own wood box for any "treasures" he finds. The afternoon found us going to Mt. Ayr (in the intense heat no less) where the kids enjoyed the Kidz Zone and then the parade. They came home with big sacks of candy! Oh, and we took in the BBQ and ice cream cones after. Last night we watched a movie and lights out at 9. No complaints from anyone, just zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Today after church we hope we take the canoe over to the lake but will depend on weather. Cloudy and alittle rain this morning but oh, the humidity level is so much less. Relief.

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