Monday, August 22, 2011

Listen to your body

When God made each of us He gave our bodies each a wisdom all its own. We need to pay attention and listen to our body when it tells us something. Mine is telling me to sit and rest which for me is very difficult to do. I have zuchinni to make in to relish, tomatoes yet to can, furniture to ready for a show and yet I sit.....and rest. I did a number on myself between the burn and my swollen knee. A trip to the ER Saturday evening was not in "my" plans but the pain was just too intense. Infrapatellar bursitis is probably what the right leg is dealing with, otherwise known as clergyman's knee as the clergymen would spend so much time down on their knees on a hard surface praying. All I know is that I am dealing with terrific pain, swelling and fever. Not fun. The burn is actually looking better but I still have a ways to go. Doctor said another 5-10 days before I'd see signs of healing. It was infected so antibiotic for that. Inflammatory medicine for the knee which I think is going to be a slow healing process. All because of those nasty dust bunnies! I'm taking advantage of the "resting" and doing some reading which I enjoy and don't get enough of. So the next time you are feeling tired, instead of pushing yourself harder, take time to rest.

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