Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!!

Is "hurrier" a word?? hmmm If I knew where the dictionary was (bookcase is not done yet) then I could look it up and I don't dare start looking things up online or I will never get the "to do list" done for the show! Still going to be down to the wire, I love it!! Here is a rug I just finished this morning and I have one more to put the binding on. Can't see the colors but there is some light plum and teal blue just for fun and just makin do. It is going to rain this morning and be that way all day. Most of the trailer is loaded but when DH gets home we will finish. Last minute stuff will be tomorrow morning. This time I promise to take some pictures of the show. Last year I was just swamped the first 3 days and didn't get a single picture. I doubt I will get a picture of my booth as the dealers are like ants and swarm us when we are unloading and trying to set up and by the time they are done buying the booth plan I had is to be no more! ha ha Oh well, I'm there to sell. Sparks, Kansas, 4 days, Thurs-Sunday, fun for all. Take joy.........I do, each and every day.

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