Friday, October 28, 2011

One end to the other

What a week! I have been going from one end to the other as far as bedtime and sleep. Going to bed at 9 pm and up at 3 AM. Last night it was 12:30 (very rare for me) and up at 4. (couldn't sleep) I am soooooooooo draggin this AM. I had an Amish run last evening and so I was coming through Creston about 9:30. LaVern was at work. He was repairing a ceiling in the kitchen and could only do it at night when the kitchen is closed. So I thought why not get groceries at that hour. Luckily the HyVee stays open until 11 pm and I think there were 3 of us total shopping! ha ha Kind of nice not to hurry down the aisles because people behind you. From there I headed to the dreaded store (wally world) as I had a couple things to buy there. They have these great little flashlights for $3, LED one AAA battery (and it comes with it). We love them because they fit in your pocket, you can hold it in your mouth when you need both hands to do something and they last forever!! Flashlights are a BIG deal when you live off grid and you don't have outside yard lights (which I lOVE) and you come home in the dark. We did have a couple solar motion lights by the house door but they got moved down to the hen house. I never go anywhere without a flashlight and usually my pocket knife. I have another Amish run this AM so best get going. This evening I will go back and pick up the people I drove last night. Tomorrow a farm auction, hopefully with some "junk". Time to get perked up!

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John said...

You haven't changed a bit have you. You are going to run into yourself one of these days. Miss you guys!!