Friday, January 30, 2009

The Monkey's Disgrace

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree
Discussing things as they are said to be
Said one to the others, "Now listen, you two,
there's a rumor around that can't be true
"That man descended from our noble race
"The very idea is a great disgrace.
"No monkey has ever deserted his wife
"Starved her babies and ruined her life
"And you've never known a mother monk
"To leave her babies with others to bunk
"Or pass from one on to another
"Till they scarcely knew who is their mother.
"Here's another thing a monkey won't do
"Go out at night and get on a stew
"Or use a gun or club or knife
"To take some other monkey's life
"Yes, man descended, the ornery cuss
"But, brother, he didn't descend from us."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jumping off the merry-go-round

This ole merry-go-round has not seen use in alot of years. Great old piece that would be wonderful to restore. This week has been an endless whirl of activities and demands. Sometimes it feels like an out of control merry-go-round, spinning in circles and taking me nowhere fast. Then I remembered that I don't have to stay on the merry-go-round. I can step off, even if it is moving fast. The property where this merry-go-round is located should close and go to a new buyer today. The sale itself has been a ride! Very frustrating with alot of ups and downs. I went up over my noon hour and sat on the merry-go-round, praying that today I get to step off and start in another direction.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Make Home Cozy

Home is where you nurture your soul and rest your body. That's why your home should be a simple refuge away from a busy world. A cozy home definitely offers shelter from the storms of life. The tour was great fun and the ladies were amazed when they saw the inside. Simple details, like a comfortable handmade twig chair and grandma's wool braided rug make our home cozy and welcoming. It is a place we want to come home to. We have so much sweat equity in this place I often wonder, could I leave it and start again? Yes. The twig chair and wool rug would just go with us and make the next place home. This time I would have ALOT less "stuff". Cozy but simple.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Rock house

Could this be it? Rock and timber. Rough inside. 5 acres of timber. Out in the "boonies" and on a "dead end" road. Now that is an interesting word phrase. Dead end without an exit; a situation or course of action that leads to nothing further. hmmmm We aren't looking at this as a "dead end" but rather a new beginning. Possibly a new adventure even. Most people would look at this and see work. LaVern and I see possibilities. I need to be heading home. A local club group is coming by tonight to tour our house. They will all be so surprised as it is not what they imagine inside! I love it when that happens! Later....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Silence

Come away, Sappa Park whispers to me. It calls me to come to a quiet place, to still my soul, and to let the silence speak to me. I hush my busy thoughts and take a break from the business of life. It helps me gain a clearer insight on what is happening in my life.
LaVern and I are so looking forward to living an even more simple life. "Downsizing" yet again to just the basic needs. Imagine the time for silence, prayer and contemplation. I believe that when you spend time in sweet silence you disconnect from the flurry of daily life and your perspectives change. We should allow the silence to teach us the gentle rhythms of grace. Go out in nature and let the birds sing you a song.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Tribute to a Dog

If you have been visiting my friend Craig's blog, Native Shores, from a link on my blog you will know that yesterday he posted a wonderful tribute to his neighbor's dog. I decided that my dog, Owyn surely warranted a tribute after yesterday. For the past 5 months I walk early every morning, 7 days a week and Owyn hasn't missed a day. But yesterday it was 8 degrees and for what ever reason I decided he could stay home. Not a good decision. I swear this dog KNOWS about payback. LaVern said Owyn was not happy that he did not get to go. Came home from work yesterday and this was my payback! Now mind you, LaVern is in and out of the house all day so Owyn had to make haste. He was "hiding" when I came in. I needed a good laugh and well, Owyn, you are sure good for laughs. I had a writing tablet and pen on the night stand and he literally chewed the pen up in tiny little pieces and ate half the tablet. We had a great walk this morning!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think I look for opportunities to be alone. It's not that I can't relax with my husband but when I am alone I'm not concerned about how he is feeling or what he might need. I can just think about me. When I get home from my afternoon walk I change in to my favorite ratty soft sweatshirt, flannel sweats and wore out slippers. If I had a chaise longue I'd lay out on that but since I don't, I usually curl up in an easy chair and pretend I'm somewhere else. There's something about a soft, comfortable pair of slippers that helps me slip into relaxation. In the summer time it is all about flip flops but winter is definitely a slipper season. I'm thinking my next pair should be fun. Maybe some sheep! I usually swing through the shoe section when in a Walmart just to look at the slippers! Slippers, a good thing.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Simple Truths

I was taught many simple truths when I was a child: say thank you, share your toys, be kind to others, be content with what you have. I have come to understand now that that wisdom still applies even in the adult world. Giving thanks for all my blessings, sharing my wealth with others, lending a helping hand. I try to savor what I have in each moment. Sometimes I get off the road, sidetracked by the stresses of day to day. It is so easy to do. Honor simple truths.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Why is it that fear holds us back from moving forward? Possibly towards a dream or goal you held in the back of your mind? I'm amazed at how easy it is to put those "buts..... ifs........ becauses or whens" instead of the "I can, I will, or just do its". It must be fear of the unknown.
Here is a picture of our dream! Easily within our means. Something we have always wanted to try. Downsize to 500-600 sq. ft., off the grid, living green, self sufficient as much as possible, with alittle acreage. It would mean virtually selling everything. Fear. What about health insurance for the next 7 years until medicare kicks in? Fear. What about leaving our parents? Fear. How would we pay the taxes? Fear. This little cabin is on 5 wooded acres, it is 478 sq ft. with alittle loft, down in southern Missouri near a lake and national forest. I went in to the bank this morning and a gentleman that works there, our age, asked about a little fixer upper in a small town. They've the desire to be more self sufficient. Living on Soc. Sec. is tough. I invited them over to our house! I have a feeling we aren't out there alone. Fear.............God tells us to fear not, that He will strenghten us. But that first step is so hard. Oh, we of so little faith. I believe the door will open wide if this is our path. Should be an adventure if nothing else!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


When I am done reading a book from the library I usually try to remember to put my initials along side the due date on the inside cover. That way I won't check it out again because I forgot I had already read it. I'm not the only one that does this! When I first saw all the initials I had to ask our librarian what they were for! I should make a list of all the books that I read in a year so that I can remember where I've been. They say you are what you read! I wonder what people would think of me by the books I read! My taste in reading is like music. I love any kind of music and the same way with reading material. Probably a bad habit for me is that if the book hasn't gotten my interest in the first few chapters I am not going to finish it. Some material probably does get better the farther in the book. The book pictured above is a must read. Good short story book. Think I'll swing by the library on the way home and find something to read over the weekend. Library use has declined in the same way letter writing has. This weekend I am going to hand write some letters! You know, "mail". Stay warm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Resolve

Early 20th-century New Year's resolution postcard

Wouldn't it be awesome if the resolutions being made today followed those mentioned above on the postcard? Or better yet the definition in Merriam-Webster's dictionary: the act or process of reducing to a simpler form. Personally, I don't like to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year. I think I read of a study that said 52% of people were confident they would accomplish their resolution but only 12% of them actually did. Maybe that is why I don't make them! LaVern and I have a great desire to simplify and become more self sufficient. We just aren't sure where yet! Waiting for that call.......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poudre Canyon, Colorado

Christmas 2008! What Joy!! Had a blast, campground was wonderful, snow was wonderful, snow shoeing was the ultimate. Can't wait to go up again!