Friday, July 30, 2010

Appreciating Earth

From: Thich Nhat Hanh
For many years he has told a story about two astronauts going to the moon. When they arrive, they have an accident and find out that they have only enough oxygen for two days. There is no hope of someone coming from Earth in time to rescue them. They have only two days to live. If you asked them at that moment, "What is your deepest wish?" they would answer, "To be back home walking on the beautiful planet Earth." They would not want anything else. They would not want anything except to be walking on Earth, enjoying every step, listening to the sounds of nature and holding the hand of their beloved while contemplating the moon.
We should live every day like people who have just been rescued from the moon. We are on Earth now, and we need to enjoy walking on this precious, beautiful planet. The Zen master Lin Chi said, "The miracle is not to walk on water but to walk on the Earth." We can enjoy every minute of our lives. Take joy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bats in the house!

Well, not exactly in the house but LaVern is thinking in the chimney. Now I know most of you are freaking out whereas I told LaVern we need to get a bat house installed by fall (before lighting up the wood stove). I want them to stay!! Those little guys will eat 1000 mosquitos EACH in an hour! Maybe that is why we don't have mosquitos. hmm Will have to read up on them. My understanding is that some hibernate during the winter and others migrate. There are even barn bats but I'm not sure if they are friends with the barn swallows. One is never too old for learning. Bats, a good thing. (I'm chuckling while posting this as at my parent's, the city just drove around last night spraying the entire town for mosquitos. Can you imagine the cost? And the harm from the chemicals? They told people to stay in)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rainwater collection

I just read an article recently where in Colorado two new laws were recently passed that exempt certain small-scale rain water collection systems. Yes, up until then it was illegal to collect rainwater in the state of Colorado. People were doing it but hid it from view. Utah and Washington state still have restrictions. Big government claiming ownership over that water. Some days I just have to shake my head. I don't think they would mind our collecting the rain water in our area this year. The ground is really satuated right now. I see a few rain water collection systems on the Amish farms. The women love the rainwater for washing their clothes.
Heading back to Nebraska today. Will probably spend a day at the folks and then drive back to Iowa on Thursday. So no more daily blogs. :-(

Monday, July 26, 2010


My brother and I left this AM at 5:00 and drove about half way between Loveland and Estes Park. We first went on a mile trail to an overlook. Came back down and decided to take the Summit Trail. It was a 4.75 mile hike but I only made it half way. I couldn't believe how the altitude affected me this time. Too long living on the flatlands! This was a moderate to difficult trail and a steady climb but we enjoyed it. It would probably take 6-8 hours round trip so will have to plan that for another visit. Beginning your day with a hike like this is excillerating and refreshing at the same time. But even a walk down the road, out in the country near Diagonal, Iowa would be just as good!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full moon hike

Devil's Backbone, over 2,000 acres with trails, wildlife habitat and rare plant community. Late last night I asked everyone if they wanted to go on a hike since we had a full moon. My brother was the only one that took me up on it! It was awesome! We did a 3.5 mile loop under the full moon. So quiet, no bugs (?) and no one else! Tomorrow morning he and I are getting up early and heading up to the mountains for an early AM hike. Not sure if we are going to Red Feathers or where. Doesn't matter as we both love to hike. If you have never tried it, walk when the moon is full. "God made two great lights--the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night." Genesis 1:16 He did good. :-) Moon walks, another "take joy" moment.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Starbucks Chai Tea Frappuccino with whip cream & cinnamon. Oh my! My sister in law and I were over to the Outlet stores and before we came home we stopped and got this wonderful treat. She works at a preschool and at Christmas gets lots of Starbuck gift cards. I rarely go to Starbucks, only as a special treat so this was awesome. I came back and searched alittle on the internet and maybe have found a recipe that might be close. Will have to try it when I get home as LaVern would enjoy it. Got to love the internet!

Life is tough, but living doesn't have to be

Just read this on a blog and it pretty much sums it all up! I am sure most of you are wondering why I am suddenly posting every day again. I am out in Colorado at my brother's. Drove to my folk's, picked them up and came here. Took dad to a doctor yesterday. His heart is good he just has really low blood pressure. Doctor told him to drink more water and a couple sport drinks a day. He is to try that for a month and then call dr. There is medicine for low bp but dr. doesn't want to use it only has a last resort. I think we will stay a couple more days here and then head back. So in the meantime I am surfing the web and reading, reading, reading.
There is a wonderful website, and I had been "lurking" there for months. LaVern is cleaning up the Pioneer Maid woodstove that we bought at an Amish auction and getting ready to hook it up in the kitchen. I have never cooked on a woodstove but have read everything I could get my hands on. So I posted on the homesteading forum. The response has been wonderful. Several gals from all over the country have shared their experiences and ideas. This is when having that daily internet access is most appreciated. Without it I would not know all those little tidbits. I just read Melinda's blog about the fruit fly traps(see the link). How cool is that? We are probably looking at maybe this fall trying the Wildblue satellite for internet. Being connected does have awesome benefits.
I promise to post pictures when I get home. Kitchen is basically finished. I never thought I would see it completely full but I sure filled it in a hurry! Unpacking boxes stored since last Thanksgiving is like opening presents at Christmas. " Oh, I forgot I had this" has been said numerous times.
No one is stirring here yet so I think I will sneak down for a cup of tea!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I wonder how many of you were thinking of the storms related to our weather! I was thinking of the storms of life! We have had the weather ones recently as many of you so I'm ready to put that aside.
Recently one of our sons has been hit with the storms of life, just alot of unfortunate bad things hitting them. Storms are a fact of life but it is how you weather those storms that make all the difference. Are they easy to cope with? No! I told my son to turn to Jesus and pray. He can say the word and still our storm of life. God is faithful and will get you through the storms. My son's horse may get over the lameness, his wife's horse's cut foot will heal, the vet will take payments, the blown over tack building can be rebuilt, my car can be used until the pickup is repaired, extra work will provide funds, stressful fair week is over. Life's storms. No one is exempt from them. They are a part of our journey of life. Instead, take joy. J=Jesus, Y=You and the o=nothing(zero).....Let nothing come between you and Jesus!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Society for Barefoot Living: "Set your feet free and your mind will follow. We enjoy walking barefoot as nature intended, taking delight in feeling the many textures the world has to offer."
Isn't it interesting how our western civilization today views people that are barefoot. Even I looked in wonder at all the Amish children, teenagers and young married women who are always barefoot. I have been going barefoot all spring and now into summer and I can truly say I think it is health beneficial. Yes, there are negatives but the positives far outweigh them in my opinion. Going barefoot really puts you in a different mindset, more relaxed. There is no record of foot troubles in Biblical times compared to our modern day foot ills. I have been reading (lots of time to do that at my folk's) about a big surge in runners who are now foregoing the expensive running shoes, orthotics, etc. and are running barefoot. Taking the time to feel the ground, build your feet and develop the stride is all that is required! When I get home I am going to "hit the road" barefoot. Some ancient philosophies will tell you that the life-force energy called Chi can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. It's said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your capacity to do more work, think more clearly and have more vitality. Now there's a reason to go barefoot if I ever heard one!